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About CAMM

The Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) is Canada’s leading national association representing Moldmakers, Service providers and Suppliers to the global Moldmaking Industry. An 18 member Board of Directors and Advisors made up of industry leaders provides the focus and direction for the organization. New board members are elected annually by the membership to ensure the interests of both the industry and our member organizations are at the forefront of our strategic vision.

L’Association canadienne des fabricants de moules (CAMM, The Canadian Association of Moldmakers ) est la principale association canadienne représentant mondialement les fabricants de moules et les fournisseurs de services oeuvrant dans cette industrie. Le conseil d’administration, qui compte 18 membres, directeurs ou conseillers qui sont des personnes influentes de l’industrie, détermine les objectifs et la direction de l’organisation. Les nouveaux membres du conseil d’administration sont élus annuellement par les membres réguliers; ils s’assurent que la vision stratégique priorise l’intérêt des organisations membres ainsi que celui de l’industrie.

La asociación canadiense de fabricantes de moldes (ACFM) es la principal asociación nacional de Canadá en representación de fabricantes de moldes, proveedores de servicios y distribuidores de la industria mundial de fabricación de moldes. Un comité de 18 miembros de directores y asesores compuesto por líderes de la industria, provee el enfoque y la dirección de la organización. Los nuevos miembros del comité son elegidos anualmente por la membresía para asegurar que los intereses de la industria y de los miembros de nuestras organizaciones, tengan prioridad en nuestra visión estratégica.

Die kanadische Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) ist Kanadas führender Nationalverband, der Moldmakers, Dienstleister und Zulieferer für die globale Moldmaking-Industrie vertritt. Ein 18-köpfiges Board of Directors und Advisors aus Branchenführern bietet den Fokus und die Richtung für die Organisation. Neue Vorstandsmitglieder werden jährlich durch die Mitgliedschaft gewählt, um sicherzustellen, dass die Interessen der Industrie und unserer Mitgliedsorganisationen im Vordergrund unserer strategischen Vision stehen

The Association was established in 1981 (then called the Windsor Association of Moldmakers or WAMM) to provide a unified voice in representing the moldmaking industry on the national and international stage. As the industry grew and interest in membership increased we became the Canadian Association of Moldmakers in 1992 and have since been joined by a vast array of global companies focused on moldmaking, designing, manufacturing, service and supply.

Our main objective as an association is to promote the Moldmaking industry locally, nationally and internationally as well as provide representation on behalf of our industry to Federal and Provincial governments. In conjunction with that CAMM weighs in on government initiatives providing important insight on behalf of the industries we serve, and ensures our inclusion in global marketing initiatives to develop trade and business opportunities for our members.

CAMM negotiated an agreement with the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) in 2015 whereby members of CAMM are also full members of APMA and vice-versa. This partnership allows our members to participate in committees, trade missions, supplier days, conferences, dinner meetings and lunch and learn sessions. Members also receive access to the CAMM directory, published annually and distributed to all Canadian International Trade offices around the world as well s at international events and fairs we attend to promote our industry and our members. Our relationship with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service helps to ensure our members have access to exclusive Business-to-Business and networking opportunities. Our members also get ‘first crack’ at the coveted annual CAMM Golf Tournament – typically sold out months in advance.

CAMM is committed to the educational sector which ensures that our industry will continue to grow in strength, technology, and that our youth will choose these trades as their career path.

CAMM has working agreements with other trade associations, and the Trade Commissioner offices around the world. This helps to ensure our members with quality supplier days, B2B meetings and networking opportunities.

CAMM obtains their direction through a 18 member Board of Directors who are leaders in the industry. New members are elected to the Board annually by the membership to provide continuous focus on the interest of the membership in particular and on the industry in general.

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