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CAMM Chairman’s March 2017 Report


The last two quarters for mould makers have been strong but came after two soft quarter but not across the sector. The second and third quarter of this year are expected to be above average with shops looking for open and available capacity as they are very busy.  The US shops appear to be also busy again but again coming off slower than average quarters. The auto industry is still showing strength into 2018. Although a divergence between optimistic auto analysis and Tier 1 pessimists.  Tier one’s are predicting a softening and Analysis are still predicting growth. The auto industry is cutting certain programs off their list, layoffs are looming and also we are seeing incentives again and inventory climbing.  These are signs of slowing auto industry.

Influences that are still in play for the Mould Making industry:

-Skilled trade shortage still a factor, but the College students and apprenticeships numbers are still strong.

-The strong US dollar and slow Canadian recovery has been the trend. FX analysts are predicting US exchange 2-year outlook to be stable at current rates.  Canadian economy still sluggish but showing pockets of strength which is good for Canada but could start to take back ground against the US dollar which is not good for Mould makers who export most of their product.

-US election did delay US companies from releasing large orders and postponed decisions at the OEM (Original Equipment Supplier) level as predicted.  This caused many delayed purchases which pushed work into 2017 and coupled with a strong auto industry possibly into 2018..

-Trade agreements, US President elect Trump and his new administration appear to be walking  away from TPP and Canada will follow the US and leave as well. NAFTA is also under pressure by the new US administration.  NAFTA is causing a lot of uncertainty and scrambling especially from Mexico. APMA and CAMM met with the Can. Federal Gov. and trade representatives and Mexican ambassador in January. We will make the same visit at the first opportunity to meet with the New Administration in the US.  We discussed US trade policy and also Free trade with China.  We are also talking with all levels of the Mexican Gov. weekly to keep each other in the loop on the others progress with the US.  The Feds are very happy with the support we are providing and have already scheduled a follow up meeting.

-SRED is still a hot topic for Membership. We are still planning an info session in co-operation with the APMA SME Council who met in January. The focus will be to prepare a statement to be sent to the Federal Government regarding SRED reform.

-Steel dumping and commodity squeeze.  This is no longer a Rumor and it is being defended by the US and they are pointing the finger at Canada and it involves low cost countries like china who have been dumping steel into Canada to gain access into the US market to avoid Tarif and duty. The US steel industry reaction to the dumping is suggesting a price freeze. Steel companies may shrink inventory to decrease supply which will increase the price before this happens.  Early predictions of a slow trend of continued price increases right into next year. Mould makers should keep a close eye as they begin to talk about the price freeze.  Also Aluminum was recently added to the list of commodities under review.

Objectives for CAMM in 2017 was to expand our influence, reacquainted ourselves with our membership and continue to build value for our members while building on our core strengths.  Since our last meeting Mould makers have been center of focus on Energy, Foreign exchange, Free trade agreements and G20 Financial summit in Germany.  Our core Strengths, Annual Golf tournament, Directory and Trade shows continue to be strong. We continue to make progress in our plan to engage with organizations outside of CAMM. We are connected with all levels of Governments, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, also with Mexico and the US. We are now connected with Pro-Mexico & local Mexican governments. CAMM is now connected via a mutual agreement of understanding with AMIA (Associacion Mexicana Industria Automotiz) starting in 2017. We are also working closely with our contacts in the Education and Financial sectors to further support the needs of our members.  CAMM Chairman and  Toronto Chapter Chair Kim Thiara met with the Toronto board and many members on a two visit to the Toronto area.  The Toronto Chapter will be hosting their own event soon. Thank you Kim for your commitment and traveling back and forth from Toronto.

Canadian Plastics Mold Expo and CAMM partnered to host the CAMM AGM as the closing dinner on October 19th. The event went very well and 170 attendees took advantage of the opportunity and CAMM received a check for over $6,000 for our support of the event.  We need to start to plan for our next AGM which is scheduled for October 18th, 2017 and will be at the Mold Expo in Windsor again.  We need a subcommittee to organize the event again.

CAMM did participate in the legal defense of the Michigan Mold makers lien act. The firm representing CAMM has provided a good update that proceedings have been moving in our favor and we still have more proceedings before our rights will have been preserved.

The CAMM board and Diane were the key to our success by carrying the heavy load of all our projects and initiatives and we also hired an intern based on the Grow program out of pocket costs will be less $1,000. Expanding the APMA relationship while completing previous projects such as the upcoming Conference in June have been keeping us very busy.  2017 has a long list of projects, The Harbor Proposal, Our GOA Funding and trade shows, MCCN and our first project which is on the go and we now have a budget for CAMM.

Jonathon Azzopardi                                  Mike Bilton                                             Diane Deslippe

CAMM Chairman                                     CAMM Co-Chair                                      Executive Director

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