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Discover Ways to Accelerate the Growth of Canadian Manufacturers LNL July 13

The event has been moved to July 13th 2017

Discover Ways to Accelerate the Growth of Canadian Manufacturers

Date: July 13, 2017
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: Ciociaro Club of Windsor, 3745 North Talbot Rd, Oldcastle, ON
Cost: Free for CAMM members, $20 for non-CAMM Members

To Register:

Please Note: Non-CAMM Members are required to provide $20 cash upon entry to the event.

Event Overview:

In Canada, Manufacturing and automotive suppliers represent a sophisticated value chain that includes thousands of manufacturers. Each manufacturer must maintain high productivity to fulfil customer demand; however, this can be challenging without investing in innovative equipment, strong internal processes, and skilled employees.

Thankfully, mould manufacturers and automotive suppliers have a range of options when supporting projects with government funding programs. By being proactive and applying for grants prior to starting projects, it’s possible to extend cash flow and project scope. This helps accelerate growth, support innovation, and build new competitive advantages.

CAMM Lunch N’ Learn – July 13, 2017:

On July 13, CAMM members will be able to attend a special workshop on government grants and loans to support business growth. The session will be led by Bernadeen McLeod, President and Founder of Mentor Works.

Mentor Works are the Government Funding Planners™. They assist businesses across Canada to develop a proactive strategy for growth, including a combination of government grants and tax incentives. Mentor Works provides support for over 65 of the country’s top government funding programs and is a leader in the space. They educate businesses on funding topics regularly through their Government Funding Blog.

In addition to an in-depth discussion about current funding opportunities, Bernadeen will also provide insight about how Canada’s 2017 Federal Budget will impact the future of grants and loans. Among the highlights include another $1.26B to support the Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) and Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (ASIP). These are two of the federal government’s most popular programs for the automotive industry and provide additional funds to support business competitiveness.

Read Mentor Works’ analysis of Federal and Provincial Budget 2017 for greater insight into potential federal and provincial funding program changes.

Specific Funding Programs Discussed Will Include:

Event Hosts:

The Build a Proactive Plan for Manufacturing or Automotive Supplier Investments Lunch and Learn will be co-hosted by:

  • Canadian Mold Makers AssociationCanada’s leading national association representing moldmakers, service providers, and suppliers to the global moldmaking industry.
  • Mentor Works Ltd.: Partners with Canadian businesses to help them access government grants and loans in order to optimize cash flow, as well as accelerate growth and innovation.

Event Speaker

Bernadeen McLeod
President and Founder, Mentor Works Ltd.

Bernadeen McLeod.jpg

Bernadeen worked in the corporate arena for 18 years as an executive and general manager in the manufacturing sector. With considerable expertise in government funding, both on a federal and provincial level, Bernadeen understands the aspects most critical to a successful Proactive Funding Plan™.

She plays to win, and recognizes the importance of cash flow and margins. This enables her clients to succeed and access larger government funding wins than otherwise available.

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