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House of Commons Invitation

“The Canadian Association of Mould Makers would like to thank the federal government and in particular MP Tracey Ramsey for the opportunity to shape the future for Canada and our industry. Today we were afforded the opportunity to provide input on the very real Steel and Aluminum tariffs imposed by the Canadian Government and their impact on Canadian businesses, companies and workers within The Canadian Association of Mouldmakers. The Canadian Association of Mouldmakers recognizes the importance of protecting the interests of its members and that if the Steel and Aluminum tariffs are not removed will jeopardize the future of manufacturing in Canada. The importance of having a voice at the table means defending our industry and taking advantage of opportunities like this to promote the interests of Canadian was a very proud day for the entire and industry and our members as the federal government recognized the importance of our industry to the Canadian economy by recognizing the tariffs imposed by our Government is making our ability to compete globally and with our US competitors impossible.”

The panel asked many good and important questions which we were happy to answer while also receiving many accolades for our contribution to the Canadian economy and manufacturing sector.

Vice Chairman Mike Bilton delivered the opening statement.

“Trade incentive and duty relief programs, and the rules to which they are to abide by are unclear, not easy to follow or administer, and receipt of relief funds can take up to 4-6 months to come in. These regulatory challenges are part & parcel of continued struggle, by-products of which continues the fight to remain competitive. A cash flow burden that forces already single digit margins to be stressed. Couple this with factoring unavoidable tariff costs into our pricing models to our customers upstream, are yet even more a challenge to be considered ‘supplier of choice’. Our manufacturing sector is also now at the mercy of reduced government funding initiatives such as SR&ED. As we know, re-investment of R&D funds back into a business to allow them to partner with Tier 1’s and automakers on advanced technologies, are one of the most attractive qualities in a company to be selected as a supplier of choice. It matters greatly in the eyes at the top of the automotive food chain, I can assure you. North American OEMS’s, Japanese, Chinese, European, Korean alike…this is a common denominator. I’d like to at this time, with a broad stroke, echo the volumes of facts and figures, points of concern, quantifiable data submissions, resources, and study findings that have been passed along from our Canadian business owners and stakeholders who without doubt, have already felt the heavy burden of the imposition of recent steel and aluminum tariffs. Not only to an enormous automotive manufacturing base, but to aviation, aerospace, military and marine industries….well…pretty much every industry in Canada that requires and relies upon the most common foundational tooling and equipment materials in aluminum and steel, current and future, to create product.”

We were particularly touched by the warm words that MP Tracey Ramsey had to say about our industry and the support and guidance that Tracey has provided during these tortuous times we are in.

Chairman Jonathan Azzopardi stated:

“We see only one alternative, the elimination of the tariffs imposed by the Canadian Government.”

“The job of the Canadian Government is not done until we have a long-term manufacturing plan”

The Canadian Association of Mould Makers sees a bright future for the Canadian manufacturing sector because of the many great business owners and employees working hard and the Canadian Government has a responsibility to protect their interests and the Steel and Aluminum tariffs threaten their future if they are not removed as soon as possible.

CAMM – working hard for you – to know more and to show your support – attend our AGM – November 5th, 2018

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