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INCOE Completes Move into New Global Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan

INCOE Corporation USA is recently announced the successful move of three facilities in the Metro Detroit area into their new 138,000 ft² (12,820 m²) Global Headquarters, which took place throughout the month of August. Formerly headquartered in Troy, Michigan, the new facility is located within Oakland Technology Park at 2850 High Meadow Circle, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326.

Bob Fons, Plant Manager for INCOE commented, “We planned the move in as much detail as we could in the time that we had. We executed the plan successfully, and over the four week move of manufacturing and office equipment we were always operational in some capacity. Hot runner systems were continually being designed, manufactured, inspected and assembled throughout the entire moving process.”

Developed by General Development Company, the $20+ million state-of-the-art facility is designed to improve operational efficiency within the organization by situating dependent processes in closer proximity to one another. Within the office area, open collaboration spaces along high traffic pathways have been created to provide casual meeting spaces. The 85,000 ft² (7,900 m²) manufacturing area was designed around a central space containing Quality Control, Inventory Management and shop offices to maximize process flow.

Ghafari Associates was the project consultant for INCOE during layout and build of the new global headquarters facility. Ghafari helped customize the manufacturing layout for INCOE’s specific needs, and also provided interior office design recommendations. Courtney Seres, VP Corporate Administration and building project manager for INCOE said, “We couldn’t have done this without the expertise of Ghafari. We know hot runner systems but we’re not facility experts. We know what we wanted for our employee experience inside the new building, and Ghafari helped realize these expectations with guidance on best practices for current facility trends. The results are stunning.”

The new global headquarters project reached its completion during the year that INCOE celebrates their 60th anniversary. INCOE was founded in 1958 by Alex Seres, who developed and patented the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Under the second-generation leadership of former President and CEO, Rick Seres, the company later expanded to become a global hot runner system solutions provider. Complementing the new Auburn Hills global headquarters, INCOE now operates manufacturing and sales facilities in Germany, China, Brazil and Singapore, with supporting operations located in Queretaro Mexico, Dongguan China, and Hong Kong. INCOE’s total global network of sales and service has grown to reach over 45 countries.

Current third-generation President and CEO Eric Seres Jr. said, “It all goes back to the beginning; how we conduct ourselves with integrity, how we’re passionate about the success of our customers, and how we treat our employees fairly and with respect – this way of operating has been part of our culture since the beginning. The result of that culture is represented in our new global headquarters facility. With this large investment and the operational efficiency gains we expect to realize, we’ll be able to serve our customers in an even greater capacity for years to come.”

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