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Update on New Steel & Aluminum Surtax and Remissions

On October 11th, the Government of Canada announced further steps to prevent diversion of foreign steel products into Canada (including from China and Europe), and provide relief to steel and aluminum users in specific circumstances that are paying for countermeasures on certain products imported from the United States.

The Government announced provisional safeguard measures on seven steel products: heavy plate, concrete reinforcing bar, energy tubular products, hot-rolled sheet, pre-painted steel, stainless steel wire, and wire rod. Beginning October 25, 2018, imports of these seven steel products are subject to a surtax of 25 per cent, in cases where the level of imports from trading partners exceeds historical norms.

The Order applies to certain steel goods (goods) imported from all countries except for the exclusions listed below:

  • The Order does not apply to goods originating in and imported from the U.S., Chile, and Israel or another CIFTA beneficiary.
  • For goods originating in and imported from Mexico, this Order only applies to energy tubular products and wire rod.
  • Additionally, the Order does not apply to goods originating in and imported from developing countries which are beneficiaries to the General Preferential Tariff (GPT) with one exception: concrete reinforcing bar originating in and imported from Vietnam are not exempt.

There is also now some clarification on what goods can claim the remission of the surtax imposed on July 1, 2018. The Dept. of Finance has listed the specific description of the steel/aluminum goods that can claim the remission:   They are extremely specific and targeted at what is not produced in Canada. This link also has useful information: For goods that are not included in the list noted above, the surtax still applies.

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