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Auto Expo Components 2018

Auto Expo Components 2018

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi India


“Making the Indian Auto Component Industry Future Ready” was the premise of the Conference, which is focused on how the Indian auto component industry can gear up for a fundamental shift – to move away from traditional ICE based platforms to “Cleaner” Technologies including Electric and others.



Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) is the equivalent to our APMA, representing the interest of the Indian Auto Component Industry. Its membership of over 780 manufacturers contributes more than eighty five per cent of the auto component industry’s turnover in the sector.

“Make in India ” is a campaign spanning across the country in all sectors. Given this initiative its provides a platform whereby Canadian companies can approach Indian businesses and see that they are receptive and open to exploring possible joint ventures and partnerships. Joint ventures was a topic of interest to several companies that I met with.   It came as a complete surprise to many companies that Canada was home to mold makers.  India wants to increase its export market via partnerships, acquisitions, embracing change, adapting to change, and  innovation. We can help as well as benefit from this desire, with the right partnerships.

I would say that there is absolutely a demand and need for talent and knowledge that the Canadian mold shops can offer Indian based companies, while also benefiting from the overall dynamic economy that is growing rapidly.  We currently have Canadian shops that are utilizing the engineering and design talents of Indian based companies, allowing them to essentially work 24 hrs, given the time change.  Taking a more hands on approach; via joint ventures, is something that should be explored by our shops. Diversifying and expanding their capabilities by looking beyond the typical 4 wheeler automobile, to a 2 wheeler scooter/motor cycle and 3-wheeler auto, could give our shops another area of growth.  The 2-wheel and 3-wheeler sales are growing exponentially in Asia.  2017 saw 96 million units sold collectively; this was a record number and they predict these numbers to continue to grow year over year.  By 2025, they predict to surpass 75 million units of the 2 wheeler alone. Between India and China there are 2 billion people, a conventional car is not able to navigate the cities/villages as easily as these two modes of transportation. Cost is another factor altogether.

TAGMA  (equivalent to our CAMM)

Tooling and Gauge Manufacturers Association of India

The estimated market size of the  Indian Tooling industry for FY 2016-17 is around INR 14,650 Crore (approx. Cdn $2.9billion) with domestic manufactured tools at estimated at INR 11,950 crore  (approx. Cdn $2.4billion) and is growing with locally manufactured tools through the adaptation of technology and working closely with industry, and willingness to work together.  To gain further insight into the Indian tooling industry if maybe a good idea to acquire their industry report, for which you could contact them at the following email:

There is also a strong willingness and recognition of the need to invest in the education and development of talent to meet the growing demand the industry will require to sustain its growth. To facilitate this there a number of elite training institutions already in place.   The southern and western regions are more technically advanced ( large OEMS are located in these regions) and as such are home to a number of premiere institutes  for tool and die. They offer 2yr diploma programs, with a 2yr  post graduate program. Is there a way that we can possibly tap into these graduates?

Below is just a few of the most popular and most sort out schools.


National Technical Training Foundation


Indo German Tool Room


Indo Danish tool Room


Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology


Government Tool Room and Training Centre

For our industry to continue to thrive and prosper well into the future, it is absolutely imperative for us to look beyond our continent, let alone our country, for the longevity of our businesses.  I think now more than ever, creating and forging partnerships that are mutually equitable is something we should all give serious thought and consideration to.

Lastly, thank you for allowing myself to represent CAMM at the conference, it was truly an incredible and eye opening experience. If there is anything I can add in closing it would simply be this…

“Vision without execution in only a hallucination”

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