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CAMM’s Second Visit to the House Of Commons

The Canadian Association of Mouldmakers would like to thank the federal government and in particular MP Tracey Ramsey for the opportunity to shape the future for Canada and our industry. Today we were afforded the opportunity to provide input on how the Federal Government can support Small to Medium Size Manufacturers in accessing foreign markets. The Canadian Association of Mouldmakers and Automation manufacturers believes that exports are critical to the future of the Mould Making automation industry and that our input will help shape future government policies to better support our members.

The Canadian Association of Mouldmakers and Automation recognizes the importance of protecting the interests of our members that without access to foreign markets and the Government support to maintain competitiveness jeopardizes the future of manufacturing in Canada.

CAMM recognizes the importance of having a voice at the table and took full advantage of opportunity to promote the interests of Canadian Mouldmaking and Automation industry in Ottawa today. The focus of the message that we delivered was that Canadian manufacturing will never be the low costs labour choice but Canadian manufacturers can shine through innovation and customer intimacy. Government needs to foster this and plays a critical role in helping us to maintain our competitiveness, so we can compete globally.

The Federal Government has the responsibility to restore Canada to a country where there is a tax rate advantage in being Canadian, to create a friendly tax regime that ensure a competitive landscape that is at least equal to, or better than other jurisdictions. The panel asked important questions about how they could support the manufacturing sector to explore and capitalise on opportunities outside of Canada and we were happy to participate in the discussions.

Tim Galbraith provided our opening statement. Galbraith opened up with a description of the mouldmaking industry. He outlined the economic footprint of our affiliated associations encompassing 230 member companies representing 1400 SW Ontario corridor companies totaling $35B of combined revenue. While Galbraith conceded that FTAs are good in principle, they had no desire to pursue emerging markets. “Sophisticated technologically driven manufacturing requires mature economies as a precursor to open trade.” He went on to explain that CAMM do not feel CPTPP holds many benefits with the possible exception of Chile. Mercosur, on the other hand, does hold promise as an attractive export market for the high-tech mold manufacturing sector however their market is currently protected economically with high tariff barriers.

Chairman Jonathan Azzopardi stated:

“SME’s and particular Mould Makers Export 80% of what they make and therefore exports are critical to our future but are at a disadvantage because they do not have the resources and global foot print that the larger Canadian Manufacturers enjoy”

With many great business owners and hardworking employees in our industry, the Canadian Association of Mould Makers and Automation sees a bright future for the Canadian manufacturing sector and our ability to innovate and compete on global scale should be the Federal Governments number one priority when it comes to global exports policies.




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