Calframax Technologies Inc.

3700 Delduca Dr.
Oldcastle, Ontario, N0R1L0
(519) 737-9990

Since our opening in 1995, Calframax has made a place for itself being a market leader for our industrial containersfood packaging containers, and horticultural products.

How We Achieve This Industry Leadership:

  • Our in house plastic injection presses with chiller unit and resin recycle system paired with our in house drop and compression testing allows all customer products to be extensively tested for complete satisfaction.
  • With the use of Moldflow software, Calframax is able to research and develop superior part cooling and fastest run times.
  • PC-DMIS, Autocad and Unigraphics allows our team of engineers to produce advanced, new and improved designs.
  • With 5-axis machining capabilities, even the most complex plastic injection products can be manufactured to your specifications.

Applications & Technologies:  0-500 Ton Press, Aluminum Molds, In House Injection Mold Tryout, Injection Molds, Multi Cavity Molds, Over 500 Ton Press, Prototype Molds / Tooling, Repair/Rebuild, Stack Molds

Industries:  Aerospace/Defense, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden, Medical/Optical /Pharmacutical, Packaging-Consumer, Toys/Sporting Goods


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