Haidlmair North America

51 Four Valley Dr.
Vaughn, Ontario, L4K 4V8

(905) 738-9056

Since 2015 we are part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP and are continuing to invest in our machinery and quality of the products to assure that we serve our customers in the best way.

Two important reasons for its sustained success are quick adaptation to modern technology and experienced, dedicated staff. The equipment list is extensive and complete, covering all aspects of mould design and mould building for the plastic injection industry.

Most customers of HAIDLMAIR North America are manufacturers of consumer oriented products including horticultural containers (flower pots) of all sizes and shapes, nursery trays, super market shopping baskets/carts, water filtration system products, lawn care products, environmental/recycling products, office furniture and automotive parts.

Applications & Technologies:  0-500 Ton Press, Aluminum Molds, Blow Molds / Extrusion & Inj. / Stretch, Die-Cast Mold Base, Gauges & Fixtures, In House Injection Mold Tryout, Injection Molds, Multi Cavity Molds, Over 500 Ton Press, Over-Molding, Prototype Molds / Tooling, Stack Molds

Industries:  Aerospace/Defense, Automotive / Recreational Vehicle, Consumer Products, Cosmetic, Electronics/Electrical Molds, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden, Medical/Optical /Pharmacutical, Packaging-Consumer, Toys/Sporting Goods


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