Windsor Mold Group

4035 Malden Rd
Windsor, Ontario, N9C 2G4
(519) 972-9032

The Windsor Mold Group of companies provides world class products & services for domestic and international Customers in the tooling and automotive plastic molding industries.

Applications & Technologies:  0-500 Ton Press, Aluminum Molds, Gas Assist, Gauges & Fixtures, Injection Molds, Multi Cavity Molds, Multishot Molds, Over 500 Ton Press, Over-Molding, Prototype Molds / Tooling, Repair/Rebuild, Rotational, Stack Molds, Thermoset

Industries:  Automotive / Recreational Vehicle, Consumer Products, Medical/Optical /Pharmacutical, Toys/Sporting Goods

Services:  Chrome/High Polish, Exterior/Interior Parts, Facias, Fan Shrouds, Instrument panels, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, Lighting, Rockers, USA Shop


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