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Getting Ready to Export – Guide

Getting Ready to Export   

Getting Ready to Export is designed to introduce Ontario companies, particularly small and
medium-sized firms, to the fundamentals of export success and the wealth of resources
available to them.
World markets have changed dramatically in the past 10 years, and the pace of change
is accelerating. It’s a challenge to keep up with the changes, but good business decisionmaking
depends on having up-to-date information. The Internet is a good source for current
information and statistics, and this guide can point you to numerous useful websites.
Exporting can be complex and there are risks as well as rewards. However, as you will discover
in this guide, there are many programs and services available that can help you avoid the
pitfalls and expand your business through international sales.
For more information about programs and services that can help you expand your business
through exports, please contact us.
Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade
International Trade and Representation Division
International Trade Branch
5th Floor, Hearst Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M7A 2E1

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