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India Trip Report – email for all of the great leads

CAMM has been actively investigating the possibilities of our industry benefiting from doing business with India.  With the strong help of GOA funding, Federal and Provincial on the ground support and financial and with local support from WE EDC.  To date we have visited:


Our message to every meeting is that we see the relationship between India and Canadian shops as a win / win opportunity.  In the above links you will see that their labour costs are quite a bit lower than China.


We found the Moldmaking shops to have updated machinery but their processes are about 15 years behind ours, and when they are busy they tend to hire more people – but they are being pushed by their OEM’s to update, be more effective, improve their process, use more plastic/composites for future auto contracts.


At our last meeting Toyota – India; stated that the Indian shops need to embrace this opportunity with CAMM in order to be able to keep up with the high demands of molds on existing projects and future projects.  Canadian shops have knowledge and experience to meet these new demands and Indian shops can in turn with Canadian shops to help supply their low cost molds/componets etc. instead of using China.


The business cards that I am attaching with this document can be very helpfully with you (ask us questions if any interest you).  The government contacts are very helpful to supply you with on the ground information.  The TAGMA contacts will also be very helpful to help give you the names of companies that would be a good match for you – CAMM can also help orchestrate this for you.


In Conclusion:  We feel that India should be on your radar and CAMM’s – Already Europe, China is beginning to filtrate them (they are trying to hold China back) and the US will be next country to make its move on this country and opportunities.



Diane Deslippe

Executive Director














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