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Is Stratford the next Waterloo?

Is Stratford the next Waterloo?

DANA FLAVELLE – The Toronto Star

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ask Dan Mathieson to stand in the middle of a busy intersection holding an iPad and he’ll readily comply. The mayor of Stratford, population 30,000, will do pretty much whatever it takes to push his small city’s economic agenda forward.

In this case, he’s trying to illustrate the power of the city’s publicly-owned, wifi network and its role in Stratford’s bid to become Ontario’s first live test bed for driverless cars.

“It’s a technology-based world today,” Mathieson says in an interview in his office in city hall, built in 1898 in the Victorian “Picturesque style.” “We want to make sure our residents don’t feel they have to move to a larger centre to be part of that.

By declaring wifi a public service, much like garbage collection and water filtration, Mathieson says the city can attract a different kind of employer and create more jobs.

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