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Jonathon Azzopardi Quarterly Report

Dear, Board of Directors, Advisors and Members,


Subject: Executive Summary for the first Quarter of 2019                                         Date: 03/20/2019


The Canadian Mould Makers is spotty to slow at this time.  Some shops have work while others are slow. This was coming off 4 soft quarters but 5 strong quarters. Our expectations for 2018 is below expectations vs previous years high.  We still see stability in the US economy and the Automotive will decline going forward. The US and Chinese shops are still slower than European.  There is some hope as Die shops are reporting a up tick in business and this indicates Moulds should see an uptick soon.  The auto industry experts are predicting a reduction in investments in 2019, although less projects are predicted for 2020. Signs of less investment & less new programs heading into 2020 and continuing into 2022 is indicating to a down trend.  The rest of 2018 should see start see  an uptick because of delayed projects 2018 and it appears that quoting activity is also indicating to a growth period in 2018.

Influences that are still in play for the Mould Making industry:

-New Ontario Gov. and its policies to bring the provincial government back to a balanced is not so new.  We are monitoring the ON Gov. to see if investments are a priority and so far it appears that a lot of government programs are on hold and major spending is not going to be high on their priority.

-Skilled trade shortage still a factor but less of a factor as the work load has reduced.  The college is having trouble filling the classes and the College training centre is under pressure based on low enrollment.

-FX analysts are predicting US exchange outlook for 2-year is still around $.75 to .81.  or $1.30.  The rate continues to be in our favor and recently the Canadian Dollar gained strength.  The uncertainty from the trade wars is weakening the Canadian Dollar but nothing major but this is leading to a higher US dollar.

-Foreign and domestic Policy regarding trade agreements is still a hot topic, CETA and CPTPP are ratified.  MERCSUR is in negotiations and pending an early 2019 signing.  NAFTA 2.0 or USMCA three partners came to an agreement and signed the agreement with ratification in 2021.  Steel and Aluminum Tariffs are still in effect on both sides.  A looming auto tariff is still in the cards.  The China US trade war is still in play and although the tariff on moulds was good for the North American tool makers it was removed Dec 31st 2018.  CAMM has been in several meetings discussin this item with our US equivalents Associations trying to prepare a response to the changes.  Right now we are in a holding pattern while we figure out how to address the change.  We met with the US consulate in February and made them aware of the contradiction in policies and action on behalf of the US trade policies.

We continue to make progress on our core objectives for 2018.  We continue to grow our membership with new members and new Corporate Sponsors.  Diane will provide membership updates. Highlights:

-India and Brazil are in our plan for the next year.  Since first planned trip in November we have travelled to India four times and we have a trip to Brazil next month. Please review the report on India

-The RED program is officially complete and many companies received up to 50%. We are investigating another funding program as the Red program is not being offered any further.

-IBGP application. CAMM was directed to apply to the Super cluster for funding.  CAMM met with Jason Myers and we have been provided with the directions to start the application process.

-AMPA renewal started in January and we have met with Jon Rodzik three times. We need to set up meetings with our strategic subcommittee hopefully this month to start the process of brainstorming our points during the negotiations. So far we have discussed the financial aspects of the agreement, the conference, staff and communication.  APMA will be having another meeting internally this week and we are scheduled to meet again April 2nd.  The plan is to have something by June for review for both boards.

-We are working with WEEDC again to combine the 2019 AGM with the Emerging Technologies Conference.   This has been finalized and the date will be in September at Caesar’s Casino on the 27th floor again.

-Tracy is leading the strategic committee and will provide a status.

-Recent increased activity at CAMM is stretching our available resources.  A budget was allocated to accommodate emergency travel expenses and additional support staff. Based on this budget CAMM hired a second Staff member Kathleen Cvitkovic who resigned in Dec. We have since this time hired Carly on a part time basis and we may need to explore expanding the budget of 32 hours a week for aprox. 24 weeks 2019.

CAMM is taking another big step in its growth plan and part of the plan more expansion and influence.  For some time CAMM has been receiving request after request to bring the automation sector under the CAMM umbrella.  With the Boards approval the Automation sector has assembled under the official Association title Automate Canada.  This is under the CAMM umbrella at this time and has aprox 20 member already.

Ed will elaborate on the IP Fed program.

The Windsor Essex Chamber has approached CAMM to explore a mutually beneficial relationship.  At first glance it will at a cost but we are trying to find away to offset the costs to find a win, win without it creating a financial burden on our association.



Thank you,

Jonathon Azzopardi                                             Mike Bilton                                                           Diane Deslippe

CAMM Chairman                                                 CAMM Co-Chair                                                   Executive Director

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