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Michigan Moldbuilders Lien Act

Michigan Moldbuilders Lien Act

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We would like to update you on a situation developing in the Supreme Court of Michigan regarding the Michigan Moldbuilders lien act.  If you are not aware there is currently a Moldbuilders Lien Act in the State of Michigan that protects the interest of Canadian Mould Makers. When a mould is not fully paid for or for services on the mould prior to shipping into Michigan or shipping to a Michigan based moulder or manufacturer. This Act which is a Law gives the Moldbuilder the right to place a lien on a Tool or aka Mould for any unpaid amounts. The lien will stay attached to the mould until the lien is removed by the Moldbuilder.  Regardless of the end user or moulder the lien is attached to the mould and cannot be removed until proof of payment is provided.

Without this law the Moldbuilder would have no protection or recourse if the amount was not paid and the mould was transferred.

This act is being challenged in the Michigan Supreme Court and the court action has request that the Act be removed from Michigan Law on the basis that it is illegal. CAMM sees this court action as a threat to its members.  CAMM believes defending the act is very important to our industry and is in our member’s best interests. CAMM has pledged its financial support and full co-operation to see that The Act remain a Law in the State of Michigan.  Moldbuilders Lien Act protect not only American but also Canadian Moldbuilders.

The Group of Companies who have also joined in the action to preserve the Michigan Moldbuilders Lien Act are:

  • American Mold Builders Association
  • C.G. Automation & Fixtures, Inc.
  • C.G. Plastics, Inc.
  • Commercial Tool and Die, Inc.
  • Competition Engineering, Inc.
  • Datum Engineering, Inc.
  • Distinctive Machine Corporation
  • Eastern Michigan Tool and Die Collaborative, LLC
  • Eclipse Tool & Die, Inc.
  • Huizenga Manufacturing Group, Inc.
  • Monroe LLC
  • Precision Metalforming Association
  • Pinnacle Tool, Inc.
  • Proper Tooling, LLC
  • and Tri-Way Mold & Engineering

CAMM believes that this is a worthy cause and is putting CAMM’s resources to work to participate in the preservation of this very important Law.  We encourage you to keep informed on this important subject and CAMM will update you as we progress thru the legal proceedings.

Jonathon Azzopardi
CAMM Chairman


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