Nicole Vlanich, Author at Canadian Association of Moldmakers

Will a lack of skilled workers kill manufacturing in Canada?

How long can manufacturing survive without a deep skilled labour pool? In a survival situation, it’s important to know the “rule of three.” While the…

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Shore up your shop cybersecurity in 10 steps

There are many buzz words out there related to cybersecurity – phishing, hacking, ransomware, data breach, and encryption. Every time you turn on the news…

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CAMM- Red Seal Information

Mold Making as a Red Seal Trade in Canada: Unlocking Potential Prepared by Nicole Vlanich, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers Abstract This…

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CMTS 2023 is less than a month away

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (Sept. 25-28) is the country’s largest show dedicated to the manufacturing sector. For more than 40 years, the Canadian Manufacturing Technology…

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Cimatron 2024 CAD/CAM software automates tasks for mold/tool designers

Cimatron has released its 2024 version with stronger core capabilities and new technology through collaboration with Sandvik Coromant. It simplifies and automates many tasks for…

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How can Canada close its skilled trades gap?

Manufacturers need to help drive interest in their own sector Taylor Swift is moving from music superstar to economic powerhouse in front of our eyes….

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Exploring the Mold Making Industry – What is mold making?

In the vast landscape of manufacturing, mold making is fundamental, shaping industries with precision, ingenuity, and skill. From the automotive sector to consumer goods and…

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Welcome to the CAMM Blog!

The Canadian Association has created a new BLOG! Look to our blog for CAMM news, unique resources, educational articles, expert opinions, advice and so much…

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