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Board of Directors

A member Board of Directors provides a continuous focus on the interests of the membership in particular and on the industry in general.


CAMM Chairperson:

Mike Bilton of Windsor Mold Group

Media and Communications

Director:                                          Gail Robertson of Gail Now

Sub Committee:


Trade Shows and Events

Director:                                           Mike Hicks of DMS

Sub Committee:                             Dave Morgan

Sub Committee:                             Michelle Cipkar of Crest Mold



Director:                                             Robert Chittim of Calframax

Sub Committee:                               Lido Zuccato of St. Clair College

Sub Committee:                               Michael Oullette of St. Clair College

Sub Committee:                               Bill Feter of the Greater Essex County District School Board


Government Liason

Director:                                             Tim Galbraith of Cavalier

Sub Committee:                               Dave Read of AIS


International Foreign Affairs

Director:                                             Jonathon Azzopardi of Laval

Sub Committee:                               Larry Deleay of Aarkel

Sub Committee:                               Lou-Anne Chadwick of Concours


Toronto Chapter

Director:                                              Kim Thiara of Acetronic

Sub Committee:



Research and Development

Director:                                               Ed Bernard of Crest Mold

Sub Committee:                                 William Cipkar Jr. of Crest Mold


Operations and Finance

Director/Treasurer:                          Jason Grech of KPMG

Sub Committee:                                 Jason Smith of RBC Wealth Management


Strategy and Governance

Director/Secretary:                           Tracy Pringle of MPAC

Sub Committee:                                  Mark Skipper of Parioan Skipper Hewitt


Sector Leadership and Government

Director:                                                Tim Galbraith of Cavalier

Director:                                                Jonathon Azzopardi of Laval

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