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BORIDE – New Fine Grit Ceramic Super Stones

Press release announcement for Boride Engineered Abrasives below:

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Local inventors on target with touchless ball lift for golf courses

COVID-19 was literally the necessity that became the mother of invention for a new touchless ball retrieval system devised by two local golfers and now…

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Exclusive Deal From GaiaDigits

We are providing GaiaScreen Application with no charge right now. GaiaScreen is a health screening and reporting tool for businesses during the COVID19 pandemic.  Employees…

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Haidlmair North America offers rapid delivery for PPE molds

The molds are for face masks and face shield brackets for North American molders. Haidlmair North America, the Concord, Ont.-based subsidiary of Austrian moldmaker Haidlmair, is…

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Concours Mold Completes First Acquisition

Windsor, Ontario – January 14, 2020 – Concours Mold Inc. (“Concours”), a leading provider of molds and services primarily used in the production of plastic components…

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CAMM welcomes our corporate sponsors

Progressive Components