Finkl Steel-Sorel

Finkl Steel is devoted to the safe manufacture and on time delivery of specialty steel forgings and ingots, exceeding customer expectations worldwide

Finkl Steel – Sorel, strong of its modernization program, has grown into the largest producer of open die forgings in Canada. In-house melting, forging, heat treating, machining, testing and inspection facilities provide the flexibility of producing a highly diversified range of forged products, weighing up to 59 000 pounds, (27 000 kg) to the most exacting customer specifications.

A forging company for over 70 years and a strong commitment to technology, have earned Finkl Steel – Sorel an excellent reputation, amongst the leaders in the open die forging industry.

Our vision

Our strategy to grow our business means building on current strenghts and seeking new market opportunities

While we are driving ahead with improvements in cost competitiveness and productivity to position Finkl Steel – Sorel as one of the lowest-cost producers in the world, we are equally focused on developing the global markets for our high quality and most advanced products.

A strong case for Finkl Steel – Sorel

Finkl Steel’s prehardened mold steel is recognized worldwide for its uniform hardness and stable microstructure.

Finkl Steel – Sorel is a forging company part of a select group of facilities in the world that is capable of producing mold blocks up to 59,000 pounds, or 27,000kg. A 5000-ton open-die hydraulic press ensures high internal quality and strength in the largest forgings. A 2000-ton computer-assisted press processes parts with the tightest dimensional controls, consistency and homogeneity on single or repetitive forgings up to 40,000 pounds, or 18,000kg.

We serve the following industries:

– Plastic Injection Molds and Tooling

Automotive, consumer products, electronics, telecommunications, computer, business equipment  and toy manufacturing

– Hot Forging or Forming Tools

Automotive, aerospace, contruction

– Mining

– Oil & Gas

– Gears and Engineerings components

Finkl Steel – Sorel is strategically located to manufacture and ship its product worldwide by leveraging the canadian currency versus the U.S. dollar and the use of green hydro-electricity.


September 1939, the invasion of Poland by the German army marked the beginning of the Second World War. In October 1940, Sorel Industries Ltd enter into production in record time.

Founded by Joseph Simard, Sorel Industries will be put into operation in February 1941. It will be the only production center of artillery equipment in North America, where we proceeded to the manufacture of weapons from their raw material.

In July 1941, the first 25 pounds (11 kg) cannons are delivered to the Government of Canada. In 1942, Sorel Industries obtained a contract for manufacturing shells of eight inches (20 cm) and naval guns of four-inch (10 cm), which has necessitated the expansion of the plant.

At the height of production in 1943, Sorel Industries Ltd account 3 000 employees.

After going through different owners, Sorel Forge was bought by A. Finkl & Sons in 2006. And in 2007, the A. Finkl & Sons companies became part of the Schmolz-Bickenbach Group. Since 2015, Sorel Forge does business as Finkl Steel – Sorel, in the Finkl Steel Business Unit part of Schmolz-Bickenbach Group.

Sorel 300th anniversary

In 1942, for the 300th anniversary of the city of Sorel, Sorel Forge already appears as a leader in a publication relating the feat of the region. Half a century later, what was formally know as Sorel Industries is still today forging ahead of its times.

 In the early days of 1940, began installing equipment; beyond 1100 machines, over 7000 tools, ovens, presses giant bridges, ferries, etc. But the most modern buildings and best tools are not enough. In the new arsenal, it needed skilled hands, minds trained to acheived the excessively complicated task that we would undertake. “


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