If you want to lift it, drag it, pull it or tie it down…

SPARTAN SLING Mfg Inc is well known for our expertise while providing the very best quality overhead lifting materials manufactured. We fabricate alloy chain slings, wire rope slings or custom nylon slings ‘in house’ from our very large component inventory on a ‘just in time’ program to virtually eliminate any customer shutdowns.  All of our vendors are world renowned for their quality and they are of the same mindset that we are.  Keep the guy on the ground safe from physical harm. With that accomplished, we have also protected that company from financial harm.

A brief overview of our products and services:
Overhead cranes – sales, installation, service, annual MOL recertification
Chain slings – sales, service, proof testing, ANNUAL MOL recertification
Wire rope slings – sales, service, proof testing, annual MOL recertification
Nylon slings – sales, service, proof testing, annual MOL recertification
Round Slings – sales, service, proof testing, annual MOL recertification
Swivel Hoist Rings, Lifting Magnets, Plate Clamps, Shackles, rigging hardware…
Electric Hoists, Chain falls, Lever Tools…
Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Jib Cranes…
Fork Lift booms, Extensions, Beams…
And so much more…

Every bit as important as selling a customer new rigging materials, we also service the products we sell, repairing and recertifying them to OHSA, MOL and manufacturer specifications. Every product we repair is ‘proof tested’ in house on one of our two certified test beds before being returned (fully certified) to the customer. This ability permits us to save money for our customers in many instances.

The legally required Ministry of Labour annual rigging inspections are a large part of our daily business. These inspections can be performed at the customer plant, on site or in our plant. Our exceptionally well trained inspectors focus on manufacturers’ recommendations / specifications in order to protect workers from physical harm and owners from financial harm.

The SPARTAN SLING management team exceeds 100 years experience with overhead lifting and load securing. They are also available to assist customers with their ‘Lift Plans’ as required, whether it is an Engineered Lift, Critical Lift or Heavy Lift.

SPARTAN SLING Mfg Inc management personnel have the experience, expertise and ability to work with your personnel to completely set up your new plant with everything required to safely and efficiently move raw product, in process product and finished product throughout the plant.

All that we have ever asked for is the opportunity to prove ourselves….       www.spartansling.com        Office phone: 519-737-8633


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