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July – Member of the Month – StackTeck

It was a pleasure to meet with Jordan Robertson to discuss StackTeck as July’s Member Spotlight. StackTeck had a recent press release as they were able to deliver a new series of plastic can molds for KW Container. They have successfully created the part in one piece, rather than separately. In the past, it would have been made into two pieces, but by increasing the sophistication of the mold they have been able to increase the standard of capability. View the press release HERE: https://stackteck.com/2022/kw-container-achieves-molding-of-paint-cans-in-one-step/

1. What is StackTeck most proud of from 2021?

StackTeck has had a strong year, in spite of the limitations and protocols. We started a new design that improves on collapsing core molds and adapted the design to meet customer needs.

2. What are your goals for 2022?

StackTeck’s goal is continued growth. We have new initiatives and in 2019 started an automation group that is growing significantly – halfway through the year and we have doubled our forecasted orders.

3. What are 3 things you would tell someone just entering your industry?

  • Be ready for change as the plastics industry goes through a lot of adaptation. You must be willing to take risks and opportunities to innovate.
  • Embracing sustainability is critical to our industry.
  • Significant changes in the expectations of automation, as now projects require a higher level of automation when in the past there was greater variability. Moving forward will be beyond molds with automation in the shipping and delivery process.

4. What are some misconceptions about your industry?

The plastics industry is criticized and has negative press associated with it. Attention needs to be brought on those not taking the right steps with disposal. Carbon footprint must be the top priority and plastics has a smaller carbon footprint, due to steps to avoid pollution, than people realize.

5. How would you recommend addressing current industry challenges?

We have to think outside the box, and it is a co-operative effort between HR and marketing, to address the shortage of workers. It is hard to promote and recruit and work live/virtual job fairs. StackTeck offers incentives to their staff if they recommend a successful hire. We have had to think creatively, be prepared to invest and we have been able to expand the size of our team. It is just the willingness to put in the additional work.

It was a pleasure to meet with Jordan and discuss StackTeck. Jordan holds a strong enthusiasm when discussing StackTeck’s accomplishments and achievements, and you could tell how proud he was of where StackTeck is headed. It is great to hear of a company thriving and expanding and I look forward to hearing of their future successes.

Read the full StackTeck Press Release HERE

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