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Ontario Manufacturing Companies Receive Combined $24M in Funding

The Government of Ontario supports countless industry businesses in expanding their facilities, processes, and systems to boost the country’s innovation and economic growth. Part of the province’s growth strategy includes investing more than $100 million through several Regional Development Funds to help meet specific provincial goals.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) program is one such fund which provides government funding to eligible Southwestern Ontario businesses, municipalities, and economic development organizations to help businesses in the region. Most recently, the Ontario government awarded more than $24 million to four manufacturing-based companies in Southwestern Ontario to enhance the overall sector and create 52 new jobs. Of this funding, $500,000 was invested in each business directly from the SWODF, which is one of the many Canadian Manufacturing Funding Programs.

“Our government is proud to support local manufacturers in Southwestern Ontario as they grow and create better-paying jobs in their communities. We thank Arvaspring, Sante Manufacturing, Idol Core Industries, and MC3 Manufacturing for making a significant impact in their communities and for contributing to our province’s dynamic and growing manufacturing sector.”
– Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Since being established in 2019, the SWODF program has provided more than $68 million in government funding for eligible Ontario organizations and businesses. The funding has supported $736 million in investments, created more than 1,300 jobs in Ontario, boosted economic growth, and supported the innovation of internal and external processes, products, and systems for many industry-leading companies.

Four Manufacturing Projects Receive Government Funding

While the Ontario government offers a variety of programs and awards thousands of eligible businesses with funding each month, the four companies below are being recognized for pursuing innovative projects in the manufacturing sector. Using the cashflow support from government funding programs such as the SWODF, businesses can be more at ease with their spending for their economic growth and development goals. Read more about each company and their project:

Sante Manufacturing Inc: This Ontario manufacturing business produces health and beauty products in Aylmer, Ontario. With the help of government funding, Sante Manufacturing Inc. is investing $7.5 million to innovate their operations and expand their products to meet increasing consumer demand. The project aims to improve productivity and reduce dependence on external manufacturing. Through this project, Sante Manufacturing Inc. has committed to developing 15 new jobs.

“Sante Manufacturing appreciates the financial support and partnership of the Ontario government to accelerate our manufacturing expansion. Manufacturing efficiency is paramount in today’s global economy and in 2023 over 70 per cent of the products we produce will be exported, including products under our SpaSoap trademark, which is the largest Canadian-made and Canadian-owned exported liquid soap trademark.”
– Wayne Kirby, Director of Sante Manufacturing

MC3 Manufacturing: This Ontario business focuses on machine tool and stamping conveyor systems that produce and install various types of conveyor systems. MC3 Manufacturing is investing $6.8 million to build a new facility in Kingsville, Ontario, that will contain new, innovative automated equipment, including a robotic powder coat painting system. With this new facility, MC3 Manufacturing will be able to improve their productivity, drive their innovation, and provide opportunities in new markets. This project will create 19 new jobs through the facility expansion.

“MC3 is an inclusive company built on exceptional values. Our values include operating with integrity, delivering the highest quality results, and making a difference in the community. Our team holds these values at work, at home and in our community. Our commitment to these values allows us to work collaboratively, striving to make a positive difference in everything we do. This grant impacts our community, expands our workforce and helps us maintain a competitive edge in the global market. We would like to thank the support from our MC3 team, the Town of Kingsville and most of all, the Ontario government for this grant.”
– James Richards, plant manager for MC3 Manufacturing

 This Ontario business is a family-owned company in Middlesex, Ontario. Arvaspring is investing $5 million to build a new poultry-processing facility to improve their capacity, capabilities, and efficiency. With the new facility, Arvaspring will be able to export to other markets while continuing to meet local demand for products. Through this project, eight new jobs will be created.

“The new facility is designed to process poultry and poultry products to meet the increased demand from a culturally diverse marketplace while addressing the continually evolving need for environmental sustainability.”
– Dale Donaldson, President of Arvaspring.

Idol Core Industries: This Ontario business creates sustainable solutions for plastic products using compostable materials, mainly for the agricultural industry. The company is investing $5.1 million to relocate and expand manufacturing operations in Kingsville, Ontario. Expanding their operations will enable Idol Core Industries to develop more innovative technology and products, including designing and engineering tools for niche market packaging. Idol Core Industries’ expansion will create 10 new jobs.

“Idol Core Industries is a leading mold builder and machine shop, focused on building molds that have the potential or are specifically designed to create products using bio resins or a carbon neutral material. Over the next four years, our grant will be put to good use as we upgrade to our larger facility and acquire new machines and technology. This will help generate new employment opportunities and will bring innovative capabilities to the community.”
– Paul Incitti, President of Idol Core Industries

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