Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety Awareness training – e-module

Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training in Four Steps is a training program developed by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. It is…

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Take Steps to Promote Healthy Minds in your Workplace has been developed by Ontario’s health and safety system partners, to provide informative and actionable mental health resources, with the goal of helping you create a psychologically safe…

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A new approach to hazard controls at work

Most of us are familiar with the traditional hierarchy of controls, an internationally recognized approach for identifying solutions to workplace hazards. Wagish Yajaman, WSPS’ Manager,…

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Struck-by safety inspections begin May 1: 4 tips to prepare

A lift truck operating in reverse strikes an unsuspecting pedestrian, a transport truck backs up to a loading dock and pins a worker against the…

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Year-long inspection blitz seeks out MSD hazards in warehouses

An ergonomics compliance initiative by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) gets underway on May 1 in warehouses, distribution centres and other…

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Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training: reimbursements available for your small business

We all know health and safety training is valuable, but did you know there’s a training opportunity that actually pays you to attend? Yes! Calling…

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